Darlington Raceway - Motorized Cart Training Acknowledgement

Motorized Cart/Specialized Vehicle Training

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I hereby acknowledge that on the date listed below, I received, read and understand the attached Motorized Cart/Specialty Vehicle Operating Instructions as part of my employment, in compliance with state and federal regulations for the operation of specialized motor vehicles, such as, golf carts, motorized scooters, mules, gators, etc.

I understand and agree that the use of such specialized motorized vehicles on or around NASCAR properties or in connection with my employment is restricted to business use only. I agree to drive any such motorized vehicle in accordance with the training received today in a safe, slow, and careful manner. At all times I will yield to pedestrians and that my driving privileges may be revoked at any time if I am observed driving in a careless or unsafe manner. I further agree to be responsible for compliance with all laws & government regulations in the use of the vehicle.

I also acknowledge that I was given the opportunity to ask questions and that I understand the training provided to me. I also understand that it is my continuing duty to ask questions regarding any aspect of the operation of any specialized motor vehicle, which I do not understand. I agree to follow the practices and procedures set forth in this training and to obey all safety rules as explained during this training program in the performance of my job duties.

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